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A GREAT cycling team that rides mainly south of the river. Depending on the wind direction for that day. SC may ride to Northfield, Cannon Falls, Chaska, Hastings, Fairbault, Jordan, Montgomery, Prior Lake, Shakopee. Mileage typically ranges from 45 to 80 miles a ride, while averaging 18 to 21 mph.


Silver Cycling's purpose shall be exclusively charitable and educational.  We promote the sport of cycling, road,track, crit, & mtn. bike racing, in local and state wide competitions.


Silver Cycling focuses on giving back to Lakeville and surrounding communities. We have set up a BRAD KING Memorial Fund that provide funds for local community needs and local athletes.


Silver Cycling shall not afford pecuniary gain, incidentally or otherwise, to it's members.Silver Cycling basically rides every saturday morning and weekday evenings on GROUP or TRAINING rides that average 50+ miles or more. There is always the race for the city limit signs, stopping for some java, and pushing each others potential.

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